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Circadian LED Lamp

The majority of living organisms, including human beings, live and adjust their biorhythms in a 24-hour cycle. This biological clock operating in the body helps living creatures keep to a regular sleep routine every day. We refer this periodically repeated rhythm as the "Circadian Rhythm." Not only sleep, but circulatory function, body temperature, blood, corticosteroids, etc., are able to keep their balance according to the Circadian Rhythm.

What will happen if the Circadian Rhythm deteriorates?

Its typical example is jet lag, which many people experience on their overseas trips. Because of jet lag, you cannot sleep at night and get sleepy during the day. In addition, people show different symptoms such as a headache, anxiety, or gastrointestinal disorder. It is said that one day per hour of time difference is needed for a person to get back to the normal body condition. For example, if you had a trip to somewhere between which and your place there is a 7-hour difference, it will take a week for you to return to your original condition.

The Circadian LED Lamp automatically adjusts the light naturally suitable for the human body throughout the 24 hours.
For example, in the dark night, a hormone called melatonin is produced and transported around the body, lowering the body temperature for you to easily get sleep, so that you can stay healthy and energetic during the next day's morning and afternoon.


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