• Diagnostic apparatus

    Observe and analyze hidden skin troubles.

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Observe hidden skin problems such as acne bacteria, melanin, and future wrinkles through a "special mirror" that has never been seen before

ㆍObserve and analyze acne spots and melanin in the skin through ultraviolet light optimized to detect acne bacteria
ㆍPredict potential wrinkles by using the glossy light to maximize light reflection on the skin surface
ㆍObserve and analyze capillary blood vessels and various pigment deposits through polarization that suppresses light reflection of the skin surface
ㆍIn normal light, current shape and size of pores are observed and analyzed

Easy cosmetic counseling 

ㆍIt can observe different troubles of the skin even when wearing makeup (acne, potential wrinkles, and makeup condition) 
ㆍCheck the effect of sunscreen, makeup habits, coverage level
ㆍEasy to provide useful advice and consultation on cleansing methods for the areas where acne is likely to occur in the future 
ㆍEasy to make recommendation and consultation on functional cosmetic products by part of the skin for the expected wrinkle and pigmentation spots

Various advantages

ㆍEasy to move and make an analysis anytime and anywhere
ㆍIt can take pictures and make an analysis by using customer's mobile phone, ensuring that personal information is kept confidential
ㆍEasy to consult with customers over tablet PCs, large screens, etc., by utilizing the mirroring function of mobile phones
ㆍIt can be used semipermanently by adopting all light sources as LED


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