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Photo Therapy

The therapy takes advantage of light and color and irradiates various kinds of light to the skin to effectively treat different skin troubles. This mechanism can be applied to beauty devices for which LEDs of different colors are used depending on customers' intention and purpose.

RED LED (640nm)

ㆍRegenerate collagen and elastin by activating fibroblast of skin
ㆍIncrease blood and oxygen circulation in skin blood vessels

AMBER LED (590nm)

ㆍEffective for burning with sunlight
ㆍRelieve flushing and swelling
ㆍReduce wrinkles

GREEN LED (525nm)

ㆍWhitening effect
ㆍRelieve pigmentation

BLUE LED (460nm)

ㆍRemove skin bacteria
ㆍEffective for treating acne

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