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PSI will repay you with greater faith and trust
by prioritizing best quality and customer's interests.

PSI Co., Ltd, established in 1997, started its business with developing and producing the state-of-the-art spectroscopic analysis equipment and Machine Vision System. Currently, PSI is actively developing, producing, and supplying cosmetic products in the beauty market. It has been continuously loved, promoting marketing activities toward the world.

Today, with the emergence of up-to-date technologies in the display industry and lighting field, new products are being introduced every day. PSI came up with a brand-new kind of lamp, the Circadian Light Lamp that combines health and lighting to pioneer a new market. PSI is researching and developing new LEDs, and will continue to present various technologies and make a bold investment in R & D to develop products with novel ideas.

We will also continue to grow into a leading company in the field of beauty devices and the LED industry, based on securing the best product competitiveness through continuous management innovation, technology development, and a successful business model in the rapidly changing business environment.
Thanks to the support and feedback that our customers have provided together with their great interest in our products, we were able to have the significant development capability and secure competitiveness. 
All the executives and staff members of PSI would like to express sincere appreciation for the customers' constant attention and love. 
I would like to ask for your continued interest and encouragement, and I firmly promise that PSI will steadily develop products of good quality and advanced technologies. 

I strongly believe that PSI will show steady enthusiasm and make the best efforts to return for your constant support.
I wish you and your family the best of health and pleasure.

Thank you.

Y.G. Sung


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